Mobile Applications Development

At SolHut, we believe that the future is mobile-first and mobile-enabled. That’s why, our focus is on making attractive and apps that work seamlessly on Native android and iOS platforms. Our designers and developers have developed over 50 apps using innovation as our secret ingredient.
At Solhut, our mission is to make high quality native apps and our process is result-oriented. We start from designing the best UI/UX experience and develop an app that is bug-free. Here is our mobile app development process for native ios and android.

  • Planning the right app: Everything starts with a great plan. We will discuss your needs and come up with a rough sketch on the type of app you need, in terms of costs, duration, features, etc.
  • Designing the app: Using the latest and minimalistic design trends, we will make sure that your app stands out from the crowd of other applications.
  • Designing UI: Today, UI and UX (User Interface and User Experience) are everything. Regardless of the fantastic product built, if the end user isn’t enjoying it, there is no room for it in the market. Hence, our core focus is to build apps that have excellent and enjoyable user interface and experience.
  • Coding your app: now comes the time to code your application. We use agile framework for coding your application and ensure that it it is bug-free.
  • Testing, testing, and then some more: We build robust apps and test them vigorously to ensure that the end user-experience is not compromised whether be it on iOS or Android.