IoT ( Internet of Things )

SolHut takes pride in thinking and working for the future, which is all based on IoT. As an IT solutions provider hailing from Pakistan, we have started working on IoT projects since 2013, making us one of the early adopters in this field.

we have developed its expertise in Internet of things (IoT). We specialize in providing turnkey solution, from Sensors integration, Mobile App, Cloud setup to Web applications. We have been working on multiple IoT projects to exchange information between the devices and central cloud server.

With an exponential increase in demand for IoT products and smart devices, Pakistan has a huge opportunity to cash in, and we at SolHut are capitalizing on this opportunity. We have developed devices integrated with backend cloud for smart temperature monitor and a smart switch. The temperature logger works by remotely logging the temperature of consumer electronic devices and has a buzzer alarm that sets off as any irregularity in temperature monitoring is noticed after certain interval of time.

Experts have stated that over 50 billion smart devices will be used by 2020, which is just another 3 years from now!

We have a team of IT experts, PhD doctors and electronic engineers specializing in the field of custom hardware and software development for interconnected smart devices. IoT has brought a big revolution in making smart devices for the masses and industrial users. SolHut is proactively working with local and international consumer electronic device manufacturers since 2013 for improving IoT solutions that enable customers to smartly manage their devices.

We understand that IoT is still in its infancy stages and a number of local and international startups may need help for collaboration. We are already collaborating with a fewseveral US and UAE-based companies for smart IoT solutions and happy to offer you a helping land in need.

Here is a list of few project our team has worked on since last few years.

Project Brief
Temperature Logger IOT Enable Consumer Electronic Devices to exchange information to the cloud server. The information is temperature, On/Off State, Open/Close State. The device is powered with backup and information storage capacity is upto 1 year. The real-time information is logged within the device and is synched to Server when the internet is available. The device can be easily installable in existing Fridge, Freezers, and Air Conditioners to make them Smarter.
Home Automation IOT Smart boards for home automation which can drive typical loads in a residential setting. Boards connect with the internet via available hotspot to push data on cloud-based IOT server. Users are given web, iOS and Android App options to configure, track and control their smart boards from anywhere in the world provided internet connectivity. Boards include current sensing, On-Off and fine control of loads such as dimmable lights and fans, and monthly bill estimation facilities.
Automatic Water Treatment Plants with IOT Cloud and Android App Complete automation for a growing network of 200+ water treatment plants such as Reverse Osmosis and Ultra-Filtration plants. Automation include touch-based, Android App based as well as web-based sensing, reporting and triggering of around 18 processes of maintenance and filtration of water plants. A cloud based stretchable architecture employed at the server side to cater for the growing need of the system. Plant is capable of sensing water flows, pressures, tank levels, and voltage and current of three sources i.e. grid, gasoline generators, and solar panels.
Automatic Number Plate Recognition system all-in-one module Intelligent OCR for standard and non-standard number plates passing through high-way toll plazas and city entry points in the country. State of the art machine learning algorithms are used to recognize difficult license plates and thus product is estimated to supersede, in capabilities, any competitive software in the market.
Android and iOS emergency gear Programming and hardware troubleshooting of a keychain sized gadget to connect with iOS and Android phones via Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) as phone accessory. Pressing buttons in a specific manner generates emergency call to saved number. The user is able to talk through the gadget directly. Three TI ICs including MSP430 used to implement this system.
Number plate reader for Punjab plates Prototype development for large multi-national data-warehousing firm for their potential partnership with the Public sector. Logs the incoming cars registration numbers inside parking of public building.
IOT Control Kit for Traditional Gas Geysers Firmware development for an Android controlled via Bluetooth low energy (BLE), snap-on gadget for the conventional domestic hot water domestic geyser that controls the temperature of water according to given schedule.
Bluetooth Pagers for Young Scouts Bluetooth pager is a complete Bluetooth wireless communication embedded device for vicinity based preference matching and gaming. Includes complete hardware and software design and full featured prototype development. These pagers work within the Bluetooth standard range e.g. 10 meters for class C Bluetooth model.
Face Recognition Device -Under Development- Intelligent camera devices with complete facial recognition capability built-in to recognize pass-through individuals. Device offers simple wired as well as Wifi connectivity option for ready integration with existing systems.

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