AI ( Aritificial Intelligence )

SolHut has aligned itself as per the latest trents in the field of Software. As a topline Software Company in Pakistan, we have trained our Team on Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning domain. As a result, we are among a few Software companies which are working on multiple AI Projects ranging from Computer Vision and Prediction Analysis.

We provide turn key solution for AI Project, from Data Acquisition, applying Machine Learning or Deep Learning algorithm and deploying on Cloud.We have a team of IT experts, PhD doctors and electronic engineers specializing in the field of custom hardware and software development for interconnected smart devices. IoT has brought a big revolution in making smart devices for the masses and industrial users. SolHut is proactively working with local and international consumer electronic device manufacturers since 2013 for improving IoT solutions that enable customers to smartly manage their devices. Here is a list of few project our team has worked on since last few years.


Project Brief

Periodical Cash Management for ATM of Banks

The project used Deep Learning model for Cash Management of Branches for US Banks. The model predicts upto 30 days of Cash Management based on the Historical data.

Generate Restaurant Deals

This ML model learns itself based on daily Sales and suggests Deals based on Machine Learning algorithm. The Deals can be further filter down to area or city.

Prepare User Quick Links Dashboard in ERP based on usage

This project is being used inside our ERP Software. The model monitors user’s activity on regular basis and based on his/her preferences, it generates Quick Links on Dashboard for easy access.

Crypto/Stock Prediction

This is a prediction modeling product for Crypto/Stock Exchanges. The input is collected from multiple pipelines and the stock purchase or sell decision is suggested based on likely hood from these input parameters.


The Project is divided into these phases:

  1. Data Preparation
  • Scrape Websites
  • Scan and Read Financial Statements using OCRs
  1. Sentiment Analysis by reading Twitter Threads
  2. Technical Indicators e.g. SMA, RSI
  3. Deep Learning Models
  4. Predict Future Price of Stock based on probability

Diabetic Retinopathy diagnosis System

This is a Computer Vision project which predicts the level of Diabetes of a person based on the retinal image. The result show Diabetic Severity level of patient which could be Mild, Moderate or Severe

Skin Cancer Classification

This Computer Vision Project classifies Skin Cancer disease into 8 segments. It uses VGG Deep Learning Model to classify the skin cancer type

Employee Attendance System using Face Recognition

This Computer Vision application is part of our Attendance Product. It enrolls the user’s face and mark his/her check-in and check-out using facial recognition algorithms.

Why Us?

SOLHUT, is a business solution provider company with expertise in ERPs, Web Development, Business improvement strategies, automation & IT Solutions.

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