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6 Benefits of Restaurant Management Software for your cafe

From managing customers to providing great food, ambiance and ensuring quality throughout, it is a pain in the neck to run a restaurant or even a small cafe. The attention to details in ensuring consistent quality, revenue and profit aren’t easy. While restaurant owners are lured by the architectural designers for giving that perfect ambiance and comfortable environment, they mostly ignore the most important aspect of running this business; restaurant management.

While investment in a great ambiance, environment, and food quality, will definitely go a long way in growing the restaurant, investment in technology also plays an equally important role in it. It doesn’t matter you are running a chain of restaurants or a small cafe, having an automated restaurant management system goes a long way in helping you achieve your short term and long-term goals.

As a premium restaurant management software provider, Solhut believes in exceeding their client expectations. After years of our experience of providing high-quality software to our clients, we have finally listed some benefits of installing an awesome restaurant management software.

Here are 10 Reasons Why a Restaurant Management Software Is Important and Beneficial:

1. Attendance Management

Tracking employee performance and attendance is a painstakingly difficult task if you were to do it manually. Thankfully, with an RMS, you have an added benefit of managing time and attendance for your waiters, managers, chefs, cooks and restaurant employees. The age-old method of using Excel spreadsheets, printed contracts, and paper sheets is weeding away with the passage of time. Restaurant and cafe owners have become smarter than they were before, and with a little investment, they can now do all that is required to maintain operational effectiveness and efficiency. Restaurant owners know that having a well-managed system in place reduces their time, costs and efforts in managing the workforce.

Here are some of the features of a typical restaurant management software with workforce management capabilities:

  • Update employee availability
  • Employee time attendance
  • Employee leave and absent reports
  • Employee scheduling

2. Inventory Control

The success of your restaurant or cafe will depend upon how successfully you purchase, store, manage and efficiently use your inventory by analyzing the demand from customers and supply from suppliers.

Inventory is also one of the biggest direct expenses of a restaurant, and one that needs to be consistently kept tabs on.

Know in real-time about your inventory, such as how much has been purchased, used, wasted, in stock, in kitchen, etc. The benefit is to save food from getting wasted, and streamline your inventory management process to understand and serve customer demands in a better manner.

Remember, wastage is a huge cost for any business. Save food, save money and increase profits. This is and should be the aim of a high-end restaurant management software.

3. Tracking Sales

Sales is a challenging aspect to track and maintain. From customers spending in cash and credit cards to account for expenses, taxes, and profits, you need a restaurant management software that does it all for you.

With our restaurant management software, you get the added advantage of a tablet ordering system and a POS management system. Everything will be streamlined. When waiters take orders, they do it on the tablet, which is in real-time integrated with the backend to track expenses, revenue, and sales. You can generate weekly or monthly reports in order to know sales revenue from each item in the menu, cash sales, or card sales and much much more.

4. Credit and Debit Card Processing

While cash still dominates the Asian marketplace when it comes to making transactions, there has been an increasing use of credit cards among customers. It is therefore important, to cater to all types of customer that will impact the bottom line, i.e. sales revenue. Your restaurant management software should be able to take care of credit/debit card and cash sales.

5. Preparation of Financial Statements

What’s good about a restaurant management software that does not provide financial statements? You should be able to generate weekly and monthly reports of financial statements that track down your expenses, revenue, taxes, salaries, inventory and much more.Restaurant management software simplifies the process of financial statement preparation, such as profit and loss statements, tax statements, and so on. With such a feature, all the necessary figures can be accessed instantly through the system, and this as expected will save lots of time and effort.

Our RMS does that for you and so should any ideal RMS do.

6. Cloud access

With our software, you get cloud access to the system whereby everything is done and stored in the cloud. You don’t have to worry about safety, server accessability, and security of your data.

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